Archival Services

Archival Services

Would you like to learn more about your classic car? Do you need help importing or presenting a classic vehicle for inspection? Would you like to replace a lost exhaust document or an unreadable chassis badge? Our archive offers you a broad range of services for your classic vehicle.

Import a classic vehicle

Before the purchase: 

  • Clarification of the compatibility of a classic vehicle with the Swiss regulations from the time

After the purchase:

  • Creation of the necessary documents for the registration of an imported classic vehicle in Switzerland, as well as creation of a valid gas exhaust maintenance document for classic vehicles
  • Confirmation that components originally required for classic vehicles no longer available
  • Confirmation of trailer loads
  • Clarification of the compatibility of a classic vehicle with Swiss regulations

Issuing vehicle certificates

  • Creation of an Emil Frey certificate with all relevant data for vehicles imported by Emil Frey AG into Switzerland
  • Ordering of factory certificates for English vehicles in particular

Other services related to classic vehicles:

  • Manufacture of chassis or engine badges that are missing, illegible or defective
  • Recovery of lost radio codes
  • Reproduction or reordering of lost or broken keys

For advice and detailed information, contact our specialists

Patrick Mühlefluh

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