James Bond, Switzerland and the car desire of the 60s

A journey back to the ultimate decade for cars: the 1960s. We begin in the summer of 1964, with the famous GOLDFINGER chase scene that was shot on the Furka Pass.

A few years later, ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE was shot in the Bernese Oberland – this time without a tyre-slashing Aston Martin, but with a car chase during an ice race. James Bond films struck a nerve at the time – and the cars were right in the middle of the action.

The 1960s came to be known as the ultimate decade for those passionate about cars. The enthusiasm among young and old was greater than ever, reflected in the excursions, road trips, races, exhibitions and toy cars that became popular – and fueled this desire to drive.

This exhibition includes, among other things, photos of film shoots as well as everyday life in Switzerland. The images below, which do not appear in the final exhibition, offer a glimpse of this special decade.

Impressions of the finissage on November 27, 2022

Pictures: Thomas P. Hofer

Impressions of the vernissage on July 08, 2022

Pictures: Michael Klauser

Review of the vernissage of the special exhibition

From old to new

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