COLOURS! - Special exhibition from 09 August to 31 December

Car colours leave no one cold – and they have a long history. Even the early days of the automobile have more to offer than Henry Ford’s Model T, which was supposedly only available in black because this paint dried faster.

Take a colourful journey with us, from Duesenberg to DeLorean, from Matra to MG. Trends and outliers, history and stories along 32 vehicles await you in an exhibition like you have never seen before: 120 years of car colours with us at the Classic Car Museum.

“For the man, the colour of his car has only one function, to decorate him. It is considered a purely fashionable matter.
And for the woman? For her anyway!”

ADAC motorwelt, October 1968

Here is already a foretaste with pictures that did not make it into the exhibition:

Review of the vernissage

Pictures and video: Michael Klauser