Terms of lease


The vehicles of all four categories:

Category 1: Daihatsu Copen, Suzuki LJ80
Category 2: Triumph TR4A, MGC Roadster and MGC GT
Category 3: Jaguar Mk2
Category 4: Aston Martin V8 Volante

Are exclusively rented to drivers by Emil Frey Classics AG (hereafter referred to as EFC). The driver is referred to as the Client. The Client must be at least 25 years old and have held a valid category B (motor vehicle) license for at least five years. All vehicles are rented with unlimited mileage.

Rental start/return

Earliest start (pick-up) at 8:00 am or by agreement; return by 6:00 pm or by agreement; no return on Sundays; the vehicle owned by the Client may be parked at EFC during the rental period. Handover/return outside Safenwil: CHF 107.70 per hour and CHF 1.00 per kilometer.


A standard check is carried out at the pick-up and return. The vehicle must always be returned with a full tank of petrol. Depending on EFC instructions, at least 95 or 98 octane unleaded petrol (without additives) must be used. Under no circumstances should E10 or petrol with similar additives be used.

Vehicle handling

The rental vehicle from the Emil Frey Collection must be handled carefully by the authorized driver. In particular, the rules and instructions provided in the Client briefing must be followed. All traffic laws must be strictly observed.


In all cases, EFC provides the Client with a detailed briefing before the start of the rental. The Client agrees to follow all instructions, especially with regards to warming up the engine, switching gears, regularly checking the oil and water levels, and observing the warning lights. The operating instructions specific to the rented vehicle must also be followed.


In the event of a breakdown caused by repeated incorrect handling, violation of usage restrictions (see point 6) or failure to observe the vehicle instruments, EFC reserves the right to claim compensation from the Client for the cost of the repair(s).


Liability insurance: The vehicle from the Emil Frey Collection is insured with the AXA insurance company. The policyholder is Emil Frey Classics AG. The deductible is CHF 1,000. The liability deductible must be assumed by the driver.

Comprehensive insurance: The vehicle from the Emil Frey Collection is insured with the AXA insurance company (including fire and theft insurance). In the event of comprehensive damage, the driver is responsible for covering the CHF 1,000 deductible.

Any recourse claims by the insurance company are made directly to the driver.

The rental vehicle is covered by roadside assistance insurance. In the event of a breakdown, the policy ensures passenger pick-up and transfer home as well as vehicle recovery and return to Safenwil. The roadside assistance telephone number is included in the vehicle documents.

In the event of a breakdown, compensation claims from the Client to EFC (e.g. for services booked through a third party) are excluded.

The Client may ask EFC for a compensation date in the event of any missed service/use following a breakdown.


The payment is made on site in cash, by credit card or by debit card (EC) when the vehicle is picked up. Subject to changes.

Usage restrictions

The vehicle may not be used to participate in sporting events or similar competitions (e.g. races, rallies, driving lessons, performance driving, training) without the written consent of Emil Frey Classics AG. The same applies to trips abroad.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • pulling or towing another vehicle
  • transporting goods or people for payment
  • overloading the vehicle
  • transporting dangerous substances of any kind
  • subletting
  • transporting animals

smoking inside the vehicle

Accident conduct

All accidents and collisions must be reported to Emil Frey Classics AG immediately. Even in the case of minor accidents, a European accident report (available in every vehicle) must be fully and accurately completed and signed by all drivers involved. In principle, the police should always be involved. Statutory regulations concerning accident conduct and reporting apply.


For an individual offer, contact Simon Bundi. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Simon Bundi

Head of Museum & Archives