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Experts for your Passion

The Classic Center Switzerland is a stylish meeting place for enthusiasts and collectors of historic and classic vehicles.

Classic cars fascinate young and old and attract admiring glances wherever they appear. Sharing this enthusiasm, Emil Frey Ltd established Emil Frey Classics Ltd in Safenwil, the site of the company’s logistics hub. There, the Classic Center Switzerland is housed in a carefully renovated former textile factory and a new extension, built in the same style.

Automotive history on three floors

The car enthusiasts of Emil Frey Ltd have been collecting historically interesting vehicles for decades.

The exhibition focuses on collector vehicles, mainly of English and Japanese origin, from the post-war period to the 1980s. You can admire design icons, such as the Jaguar E-Type, the Toyota 2000 GT and the Aston Martin DB4 Vantage. The Classic Car Museum is a rewarding destination for anyone who wants to experience automotive history up close.

 Event Services to ensure it all runs smoothly

Event Center: space for all of your ideas

The Event Center offers multifunctional rooms, equipped with the latest technology, that can be used for all kinds of events. Here you can make a lasting impression and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Passion worth preserving

Our motto is: everything from one source and of the highest quality. In our classic car workshop, our highly knowledgeable specialists – who all have a real affinity for the “classics” of traditional British brands – treat each classic car with care.

Technology and Parts

Driving a well-maintained classic car in its original condition is pure enjoyment. You can rely on our expertise and support when it comes to preserving the value of your collector vehicle.


The restoration of classic cars requires a sharp eye, years of experience and incredible dexterity. Throughout the process, we try to use as many original parts as possible to help these classic vehicles retain an elegant patina over the years.

Service and Maintenance

United by a passion for classic cars, our specialists have a wealth of experience, know-how and tools at their disposal. They are happy to take on any classic car-related challenge that comes their way.


We are always on the lookout for interesting cars, primarily English makes, to purchase for our own portfolio. We are the ideal partner for customers who would like to sell their classic cars.

You cannot treat a car like a human being – a car needs love.“

Walter Röhrl